19 Things We’re Thankful For

Because we’re taking this whole Thanksgiving thing to heart, we filled up on marshmallowy hot chocolate and reflected on how travel has affected our lives. In no particular order, 19 things we’re thankful for…

  1. Friendly hosts – Some of the greatest, most hospitable people we’ve come across are the ones that have opened their homes to us over the years.
  2. Hot showers + potable water – These are things we take for granted in the western world, but believe you me… when you need to use bottled water for brushing your teeth, and said teeth chatter while you’re showering, you’ll be more grateful for such luxuries.
  3. Giant baked goods – Okay, yeah, so baked goods in general are our thang, but when they come in foot long measurements and are just a few euro a pop, we’re in sweets heaven.


  1. English speakers – Especially the ones with heavy accents.
  2. Cider (and Sangria) – For the anti-beerites of the world (like me).
  3. Thailand – The food, the people, the sea, the buddhas… [sigh] ❤
  4. Nescafe – It’s this magical powder that transforms into a frothy beverage. BEST COFFEE DRINK EVER (when real coffee is nowhere to be found).

  1. Free stuff – Admission optional museum days, samples, tiny soaps, and other things you don’t have to pay a dime for.
  2. Sunsets – They warm the face and the heart.
  3. Hand sanitizer – We would likely have contracted some rare disease by now were it not for the 99.9% germ killing lather.
  4. Signs – They point the way, make us laugh, and sometimes raise a few eyebrows.


  1. Each other – Traveling with your honey is, well, the best.
  2. Scenic lookouts – Is it possible to tire of a good view? Nay. And you know how we love a photo op.
  3. Helpful strangers – A godsend!
  4. Street Food – It’s good. It’s cheap. You should try some.


  1. Salad – Because not all places in this world are familiar with the chilled, leafy meal.
  2. Rolling luggage – At one time we considered going the ‘backpack’ route, and are immensely glad we opted for wheels.
  3. Family – From our Moms & Dads, to distant relatives in foreign lands we’ve only just met; we’ve got an amazing support system that makes us feel warm and fuzzy even from afar.
  4. Vast areas of solitude – A trip to the middle of nowhere is the perfect antidote to crowds, noise, and a cluttered mind.


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