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Video: Enjoying the Snow in Charlevoix

I like to think that Charlevoix was first “visited” by an asteroid 15 million years ago.  Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any concrete facts to …


Video: Canada’s Enchanting Ice Hotel

Recently Shannon wrote about the “REAL LIFE Frozen“ (i.e. Québec’s Hôtel de Glace), this week I’m trying to bring the experience to life with some of …

On My Radar: The Windy City — All things travel for home, work and away, inspired by #Chicago. #style #travel #decor #global #food #getaway #wanderlust |

The Windy City // On My Radar

The Windy City. Second City. Chi-Town. Whatever you call it, it’s one of my absolute faves and one of the greatest metropolises …