50 Shades: The Hottest, Sexiest, Naughtiest Places on Earth!

So the internet is going absolutely crazy with the release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie last week.  For the first time since Cindy Margolis, I think this hedonistic movement may break the internet!  Now, I haven’t read the books, and probably won’t see the movie (or at least not admit it publically), but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t inspired me to compile a list of the 50 14 most attractive, wild, and down right sex-fueled places on Earth!

Quick Jump:  Most Attractive Women • Most Attractive Men • Sexiest Accent • Wildest Beach Party • Best Nude Beach • Most Insane Pool Party • Spiciest Food • Has The Most Sex • Has The Longest Sex • Most Sex Toys • Hottest Party Destinations • Best Red Light District • Most Sinful City • The Absolute Hottest Place On Earth • References

Most Attractive Women

Brazil — It seems the dark and sultry pretty much dominate the Huffington Post’s list of “Sexiest Nationalities” for women.

Most Attractive Men

Australia — Not exactly lining up with the list of hot women’s nationalities, tall and strong looks like the common thread here.

Sexiest Accent

British — A whopping 27% of respondents find the Brits to have the sexiest foreign accent, a surprising distant second being American with 8.7%.

Wildest Beach Party

South Beach, Miami — Beating out new comers like Ibiza and Rio, SoBe has been the place to party on the sand for nearly 5 decades!

Best Nude Beach

Montalivet, France — You may be able to go tops-off in MIA, but for the full (frontal) experience you’ll need to jump the Atlantic to France’s naturist campsite.

Most Insane Pool Party

Marbella, Spain — Now if your eyes are open for the hottest bodies poolside, look no further than the Spanish Riviera!  From Ibiza to Barcelona, you’re covered, but Sisu in Marbella takes this top spot.

Spiciest Food

Indonesia — If all this hotness is making you sweat, stay away from Sambal Oelek in Indonesia.  Sambal Oelek is used as a rub or side in many Indonesian dishes, and it is HOT!

Has The Most Sex

U.S.A. — Oh that’s right, I went there!  Let’s get into the nitty gritty.  If you’re really looking to get down, Americans have more sex than any others.

Has The Longest Sex

Australia — We may get around the most in the U.S., but if you fancy a romp that’ll last more than 4 minutes (but not by much), you’ll have to go down under!

Most Sex Toys

China — For those interested in a good time without the company, know that 70% of the world’s sex toys originate in China.

Hottest Party Destinations

Las Vegas — The Vegas strip is just over 4 miles long, and you can’t go 4 feet without falling into something crazy!

Best Red Light District

Amsterdam — This should come as no surprise, the De Wallen area of Amsterdam is what we all think of when you see, hear, feel or smell a red light (If you’ve been there you’ll get the “smell” reference).

Most Sinful City

Pattaya, Thailand — Now if you’re really on the hunt for something naughty, apparently “Sex is the No. 1 activity” here.

The Absolute Hottest Place On Earth

Death Valley, California — “Death Valley’s Furnace Creek holds the record for the highest reliably reported air temperature in the world, 134 °F (56.7 °C) on July 10, 1913.”

Do you know somewhere wilder? Let us know about it!  Leave a comment below.


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