Old Walls Given New Life: Street Art Paris

Street art is not tough to come by in large metro areas. Paris is no exception to this generality and we embraced it head on, taking to the open air galleries like players in a scavenger hunt. Most we found unexpectedly, around the corner on a quiet street, or even hidden in plain sight. Where the never-ending parade of patisseries induced taste bud delight, a treat for our eyes and inquisitive minds awaited on the streets; another flaky layer in one of the world’s best walking cities. Just a few that caught our eye… Look out for signature tile work from the infamous Invader, and learn more about why we kissed in front of a blue wall here.

graffiti2_streetartparis_cameraandcarryoninvader_streetartparis_cameraandcarryongraffiti_streetartparis_cameraandcarryon lovewall_streetartparis_cameraandcarryon graffiti3_streetartparis_cameraandcarryon invader2_streetartparis_cameraandcarryongraffiti4_streetartparis_cameraandcarryon

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