Video: Traveling the World and Living Out Dreams

Over the last year, Shannon and I had an absolutely fantastic time traveling and starting up Camera and Carry On. Watch some of the highlights from our 6 month launch trip, and read about the details below. Don’t forget — this world is incredible, so go out and see it!

  • On October 30th, 2013, two dreamers set off on an adventure, and thus began – We flew out of Newark airport at 4pm and arrived in Beijing 18+ hours later.
  • We spent 180 days traveling – Landed back in the States on April 28th.
  • 17 Countries – China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, San Marino, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.
  • and 89 Cities – I’m not listing all of these, just take my word for it.
  • We flew 32,203 miles on 30 planes – EWR > ORD > PEK > KWL > PVG > MNL > LGP > MNL > BSO > MNL > KUL > LGK > PEN > KUL > HKT > CNX > BKK > CMB > CDG, CRL > MAD, SVQ > LIS > GVA > NAP, MXP > ATH > JTR > ATH > LCA > LTN > BFS, DUB > JFK > RDU.
  • Drove 7 cars, 1 scooter, and a dirt bike – In the Philippines, Malaysia, Switzerland (x2), Italy (x2), Cyprus, and Ireland (x2).
  • (Sometimes on the wrong side of the road) – Not the left side, and not the right side… actually on the wrong side!
  • We rode on 23 trains – Paris > Bruges > Gent > Brussels, Madrid > Toledo > Madrid > Seville > Cordoba > Seville, Lisbon > Sintra > Lisbon, St Niklaus > Zermatt > St Niklaus (x2), La Spezia > Riomaggiore > Monerosso al Mare > Vernazza > Corniglia > Manorola > La Spezia, Milan > Varenna > Milan, Belfast > Dublin.
  • and 22 other modes of transportation – Tuk Tuk, Rickshaw, Car Carrier, Ski Lift, Cable Car, Trolly, Subway/Metro, Taxi, Black Cab, Truck, Van, Bus, Bicycle, Sidecar, Ferry, High-speed Ferry, Bamboo Raft, Outrigger Boat, Longtail Boat, Speed Boat, Kayak, Gondola.
  • We slept in 57 different beds – Beijing, Guilin, Donsol (x3), Manila, Basco (x2), Langkawi (x2), Penang, Koh Yao Yai (x2), Koh Naka Yai, Phuket, Chiang Mai (x3), Paris, Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, Madrid, Seville (x2), Lisbon, Martigny, St. Niklaus, Siat, Berne, Lausanne, Agerola, Cisternino, Rimini, Venice, Viterbo, Incisa, La Spezia, Varenna, Milan, Oia, Fira, Athens, Limassol, Newtownabbey, Coleraine, Downings, Donegal, Belfast, Dublin (x3), Cork, Kenmare, Limerick, Galway.

  • at hotels, apartments, beach bungalows, a tree house, and one “fairy folly hideaway” – Yes, it was actually called that.
  • We splashed in 24 bodies of water – 1 Lake, 1 Canal, 2 Seas, 3 Rivers, 5 Pools, and 12 Beaches/Oceans.
  • Stepped on 1 sea urchin – OUCH!
  • Snorkeled with 2 whale sharks (Not easily photographed) – Read about Swimming with the Biggest Fish in the Sea.
  • and kayaked 5.5 miles with 2 dogs in tow – The dogs that live at our hotel on Koh Naka Yai swam and walked right next to us (and sometimes on the boat, see photo below) while we kayaked around the entire island.

  • Peeked over the edge of at least a dozen ridiculously high cliffs – The photos in the video are just a sample from the Cliffs of Moher, Santorini, The Amalfi Coast, and Batan Island.
  • Bought 2 masks for Venice Carnevale – from the famous La Bottega dei Mascareri that crafted masks for Eyes Wide Shut.
  • and stood in 14 inches of flood water – In case you didn’t hear, Venice is sinking 🙁
  • Made friends with 4 pigs, 5 dogs, 1 bull, 9 elephants, 16 goats, and a few humans – More about some of our besties.
  • We got stranded in 1 snow storm – Still, Nothing But Love for the Swiss Alps!

  • Saw 4 amazing sunsets in Santorini – Check out Stunning Sunsets Around the World for even more!
  • Visited 25 World Heritage sites – China (x2), Malaysia, France, Belgium (x3), Spain (x3), Portugal, Switzerland, Italy (x8), San Marino, Greece, Cyprus (x2), and Northern Ireland. Here’s the full UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.
  • Mailed 31 postcards
  • Tasted 34 chocolates in Belgium – Read all about our Belgium Chocolate Guide.
  • Stood 12,746 feet above sea level – Atop the Klein Matterhorn.
  • …and took 22,715 photos – Ya… Seriously!

  • Don’t be afraid, take the leap, and be amazed by our world countless times!!!

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