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City Snapshots


Snapshot: Venice

Is there anything I can share about this breathtaking, fantastical, sweepingly romantic city that hasn’t already been said? Probably not. In lieu …

SS: Madrid Feature

Snapshot: Madrid

Madrid is what you’d imagine… only better. She’s the cool girl that doesn’t try too hard, with this natural ability to make …

SS: French Feature

Snapshot: French Riviera

Yes, it’s true… the pastries ARE amazing. Believe me; I had more than a few. Situated on the Mediterranean, Nice is a …

Geneva Feature

Snapshot: Geneva

What is it about Switzerland that makes my eyes sparkle and lift the spirits? Clean air, quality of life, and all-around goodness …

SS London Feature

Snapshot: London

In total, we’re spending 6 weeks (oh yeah!) in London. It’s our new home before moving to New York City, where we …

SS: Amsterdam Feature

Snapshot: Amsterdam

Contrary to what you may have heard, the Dutch capital is not all just ‘coffeeshops’ and red lights. In a guidebook or …

SS: Edinburgh Feature

Snapshot: Edinburgh

Ah, yes… land of the great William Wallace. Have I lost you? That’s the blue faced warrior from Braveheart played by Mel …

SS: UK BOA Feature

Snapshot: Bristol, Oxford, and About

Our plans to leisurely explore the British countryside were quickly thwarted by manual transmission, driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, …

SS: Barcelona Feature

Snapshot: Barcelona

Barcelona is one of those cities of contrast where old meets new in a major way. Big, bold, and filled with European …