Photo on the Map: San Marino


One fine day, we found ourselves on a cross-country tour of Italy in a pint sized Smart Car. With our carry ons unpacked in Rimini, Italy, we hit the road for San Marino (a microstate within Italy) just a 30 minute drive away. The day was lovely to begin with but transformed into a lemon. We parked and like magic, clouds rolled in and a light sprinkle ensued. Gusty winds picked up and my hair became a curly tangled frizzy mess chicly undone 😉 before we packed it in for the day and retreated to drier grounds (aka… returned to the apartment, changed into our pjs, and read books by the crackling, potbelly fire), but not before snapping a photo of the light beams peeking through the thunderous puffers in the sky. Zooming down the windy road and across the border into Italy, on cue the clouds parted as if to say, “Better luck next time,” and the hilly town faded into the rear view.

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