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Photo On the Map: London, UK — Feature Photograph, Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace in London on a rainy day in September |

Photo On the Map: London, UK

When I look at this image, an archived reel in my memory bank begins to play. Shift your focus. Notice something? An …


Photo On the Map: Paris, France

From the observation deck on the second level of the global landmark, the bird’s eye view is quite spectacular. Paired with steampunk-chic …


Photo on the Map: Vienna, Austria

Strolling around the lush, blossoming gardens of Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace, I imagine myself promenading here 300 years ago. Inhaling sweet scents of …


Photo on the Map: San Marino

One fine day, we found ourselves on a cross-country tour of Italy in a pint sized Smart Car. With our carry ons …


Photo on the Map: Seville, Spain

This was an absolutely gorgeous day in Seville, Spain. Along the Guadalquivir River, a wide, pedestrian walkway provides a quick respite from the …