You Sexy Thang, You. How to Steam Up Travel (+ Life)

Fair warning, some of this might be a little NSFW, unless you work at home in your underwear, or have a computer screen that faces a wall, or… you get the idea. Ok, it’s really not all that risque. But you’re intrigued now, aren’t you? 🙂 Oh, the power of sex suggestion.

You Sexy Thang, You. How to Steam Up Travel (+ Life) | CameraAndCarryOn.comDesire. Passion. Sex. We like it. We love it. We gotta have it.

They say that steam and romance die after marriage. Oh, they. They‘re so knowledgeable. Big know-it-alls. Well, I’m here to tell you they are wrong! Trust me. I’m an expert.* Because people… saying, “I Do,” is just the beginning of all sorts of new goodness, and the dirty untruth is that exchanging rings means the sexy stuff goes out the window. Lies! *so not an expert… haha. But we’ve been together for 9 years, married for 5… so I think that shows we’re doing something right!

New relationship people, you may wish to skip this. But for the rest of us that have been “in it” for a while, read on, nod your head in agreement, and prepare to get sexy. Rawr.

Let’s get real.

The I wanna rip your clothes off right now in the middle of the Asian food aisle spontaneity may not be as strong as it was in the getting-to-know you phase. Life is exhausting. The mystery dissolves. Buuuut, there’s a new layer of allure that comes with knowing someone completely. As they say (there they go, talking again), variety is the spice of life, and a little creativity goes a long way. That, my friends, is when things get good, if you know what I mean.

Put on your sexy thinking cap.

I’ve put together some ideas for making travel (and life!) a little sexier with your someone special. This school of thought need not be restricted to getaways – though sometimes those alone are enough to spark a flame – these travel sexy hacks will spice up your same-same lovin’ game at home and away. Ladies. Gents. Let’s turn down the lights and get in the mood…

You Sexy Thang, You. How to Steam Up Travel (+ Life) | CameraAndCarryOn.comWet. Sweat. Sizzle…

Ditch long sleeves for bikinis in a tropical locale. There are few things sexier than lots of skin and white, sandy beaches. Roll around, splash in the water, and boom! Sexy-time.

Smooth as Silk. Or a Lace Negligee.

Lingerie takes up 0.01% of luggage space. Just sayin’. It’s an oldie, but a goodie.

Hello, Juliana. Who’s Your Alter Ego?

Pony up to a bar. Order a beverage. Catch the eye of that familiar stranger across the room. Work on your role play. Would you like to be backpacker Sydney this evening? Or international, legal ingenue, Gemma? Or sorceress Juliana? Modern Family watchers, I’m talkin’ to you. Oh, the possibilities…

Oh, bartender… Cheers!

Speaking of drinks, a little sangria never hurt, amiright? I don’t know about you, but cocktails make me kiiiind of flirty. And switch my brain into Victoria’s Secret model mode (aka I’m the sexiest woman in the room). Confidence and impaired judgement? Sexy things will undoubtedly unfold.

Cool Down. Then Heat Up.

Go someplace you’ll need to bundle. Take your pick of wintry/snowy locales and head out for a light ski, build a snowman, ice skating. Next step? Rip off your layers and keep warm by nothing but intense body heat. When nudity is in play, it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable… Just go with it.

Stay in Bed. Pull up the Covers.

The world can wait. Pull down the shades. Roll around in the sheets.

Smooth as Silk. Or a Lace Negligee.  Lingerie takes up 0.01% of luggage space. Just sayin'. It's an oldie, but a goodie.Just a Taste. Foodplay.

Sharing a meal can be super sexy. Think texture, spice, flavor. The list of aphrodisiacs is lengthy, so take your pick. I’m partial to foods with a little tingle, chocolate, and creamy dishes. Or skip the sweet Thai chili and go straight to dessert.

Starlight. Starbright. Turn away from the light.

Heighten the senses with a little darkness. Use your imagination. Go stargazing. Try camping, or glamping, or build a fort and seal yourself inside. Close the door. Search for the Northern Lights. Take a late night walk on the sand. Duck around the corner.

Steal Away. Not a Soul in Sight.

No distractions. No chatter. No one but you and yours. Togetherness amidst isolation is one of the best ways to connect, physically and emotionally. Go somewhere where you can just be and see what happens.

You Sexy Thang, You. How to Steam Up Travel (+ Life) | CameraAndCarryOn.comFollow the Music. Shake it, Baby.

Salsa. Jazz. Calypso. You ever just close your eyes and let your body follow the rhythm? Move your feet, shake your hips, let your hair down. Factor in the body-to-body contact… you know the rest.

Dress Up. Embrace the Novelty.

France has the frou-frou maid. Germany, the fraulein in the dirndl. And Spain brings it home with the passionate flamenco dancer. Keep your eyes peeled for tongue-n-cheek aprons in flirty styles, for more than just covering up in the kitchen. 😉 I may know a thing or two about the red and ruffly señorita frock.

Be You. You Sexy Thang.

Have fun, laugh, be comfortable, let loose, enjoy the now. Don’t hold back and follow your instincts. Be you, boo. ‘Cause nothing’s sexier than feeling good and living in the moment.

• • • • •

What do you think? Do you have any super special travel sexy tips? Or just ways you like to turn up the heat with your lovahhh? Share!!!

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