Call Me the Cookie Monster, It’s Speculoos Time!

My love affair with speculoos began long ago, before I ever knew of ‘cookie butter’, before I ever stepped foot in Belgium, and before I even knew it’s true name. I believe it was a domestic Delta flight wherein the spiced cookie was offered to me under the pseudonym Biscoff. I unwrapped, bit, savored, and felt butterflies. Years later, I journeyed to the magical Kingdom of Belgium and discovered that the cookie I once enjoyed at 30,000 feet, was firmly integrated into their culinary culture. The genius of Belgians strikes again! Spiced cookies had been a staple during the holidays, but crossed over into a spreadable form in the late 2000s. Now, it’s marketed as Speculoos spread, Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, and more… While staying with a host in Ghent, we were introduced to the spread (aka the ultimate toast topper) for breakfast, and bang! I was hooked on stuff.


Now back in States, I knew there was one thing I absolutely had to do… buy a jar of the cookie spread and see if it lived up to its glory in my memory. I grabbed a (small) spoon, peeled back the golden foil, and dug in. Sniffed. Licked. Licked again. Then went to write about my findings and share my results with the world. YES! It’s the stuff! Ooh, sweet, cookielicious goodness, what things I have in store for you. [insert Mr. Burns smirk here]


Now the real question is, what should I do with it? Slather it on toast? Use it as a fruit dip? Or just whip out a spoon and have at it? Well, while I’m busy figuring out my favorite way to eat it, why don’t you grab a jar and decide on yours! Suggestions welcome. 😉

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