Video: Not Just Piña Coladas, More Action in the Caribbean

If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed Shannon and I having a blast in St. Croix!  Despite our reputation for hearty appetites and an ability to fall into relaxation, we’re not just eating and laying out all day!  No, lucky for us, right on Rainbow beach is West End Water Sports, and they have a ton of awesome activities to get your heart pumpin’.  And lucky for you, this was the perfect time to test out our new underwater camera!

For starters, do you know what Flyboarding is?  No?  Neither did we (nor does my spellchecker), but we found out.  I can only imagine what the inventor’s first pitch sounded like: “I’m going to take a jet ski, and run a firehose from the engine to a pair of boots.  The boots will redirect the water from the jet ski down into the ocean.  I’ll wear the boots, and fly around like Ironman… So, who’s with me?!”  Well, we were sold, check it out…

For those who prefer to go under the water, rather than above it, the abundance of reefs and crystal clear water makes for some great snorkeling, too!  Even if it may take some convincing to get a certain someone to jump off the dock… with the magic of video editing, you’d never know…

And just for some middle ground, we did spend time right at water level too. You can’t go wrong with a little jet skiing or kayaking across the clear blue sea!


The Caribbean is always a great place to get in the water and take a look around.  Many thanks to West End Water Sports for providing us with these activities. If you’re in St. Croix, now you know where to go!

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