Norway Beauty Shots: Stunning Landscapes

There’s no doubt about it – Norway is one of the most strikingly beautiful destinations in the world. So it should come as no surprise that I’m showing her off glamour shots style. Those sheer face cliffs, the mystique, the emerald greens and glacial blues, a hint of danger… the makings of a Maxim NatGeo Hot 100 chart topper. *sizzle*

Touring the Scandinavian stunner on wheels meant we got to capture winning images at our leisure (hooray for roadside lookouts!) not to mention the knockout views we came upon time and again during our epic hikes.

The variety and sheer grandeur of scenery in fjord Norway – from lush valleys to icy peaks – had us doing double takes. At times it felt like Switzerland or Ireland, and even extraterrestrial Iceland. Her shifty landscape personas kept us on the edge of our seats thinking, “What’s next around the craggy bend?”

The cheeky siren she is, Norway didn’t disappoint but left us wishing for more.

waterfall1_norbeauty_ccThey should call this place the land of a thousand waterfalls because, you guessed it, they are everywhere. And next to roadways, I might add.

stavechurch_norbeauty_ccOh, nbd, just the oldest Stave Church in all of Norway.boats_norbeauty_cc

Boats. Nice.love_norbeauty_cc

Just a little head-on-shoulder action to take it all in.glacier_norbeauty_cc


The highest viewpoint of a fjord from a road (or something like that).hike_norbeauty_cc

Just being adventurous in storybook-gorgeous Norway. Oh, and… glacier (again)!kayak_norbeauty_cc

It took everything in me not to commandeer in this kayak and paddle down Geirangerfjord.kjerag_norbeauty_cc

Just in case you didn’t get enough of Kjeragbolten in that other post. 😉 lookout_norbeauty_cc

One of the coolest viewpoints in the history of man made lookout structures. oslo_norbeauty_cc

Oslo does gardens (and symmetry) very well.paraglide_norbeauty_cc

See that tiny speck hanging from a parachute? That’s Michael! More to come on that soon…scenic1_norbeauty_ccYou can literally drink like a thirsty puppy from that river. Freshy-fresh and oh-so good.alesund1_norbeauty_cc

Meet Alesund, the Art Nouveau town of Norway that was entirely rebuilt in 3 years after a fire in the early 1900s. Pretty, huh? alesund2_norbeauty_cc

And arguably even more lovely from up here. waterfall2_norbeauty_cc

Another waterfall – just in case you didn’t believe me. I’ll keep you in suspense and spare you the other 10.scenic2_norbeauty_ccThey say this is the most beautiful fjord in Norway. What do you think? roadway_norbeauty_ccNot your average roadside view.valley_norbeauty_ccI could stare at this all day. theend_norbeauty_cc

The end! Now go and take a few of your own. 🙂 I promise, it’s worth it.


high-sierra-logoMany thanks to the fine folks at High Sierra for providing us with super-awesome gear for our Nordic adventures and sponsoring this post. High Sierra has long been the “carry on” in “Camera & Carry On” 🙂

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