Let’s Eat! Smorgasburg, Brooklyn


It’s no secret that New York is home to a thriving food scene. With an estimated 15,000+* restaurants in the tri-state area, countless bars, food trucks, rolling carts, and then some, you’d be hard pressed not to have options when you’re looking to fill your belly in the big apple. Recently, we decided to check out the Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg, where food and beverage vendors unite to bring their culinary creations to the masses.

Over the course of two weekends, we sampled our fair share of eats. While long lines may not always be the best gauge for what’s tastiest (Outer Borough’s tent was line-free, and the scallion pancake/beef roll was our clear fave), it generally means there’s something worth waiting for. In any scenario where multiple food options are at my disposal, there’s generally a game plan I like to stick to:

  1. The “Walk Around” — What are my options? What looks good? And more importantly, what order do I want to start in? It’s about the full experience here, people.
  2. Assess the Value (Cost/Quantity) — This is probably one of the more important tips. For $10 you can get 2 pieces of fried chicken and a 1/4 cheddar waffle from Buttermilk Channel, or spend $6 on 2 teensie fritters at Frittering Away. Don’t get me wrong, the fritters were deeelish, but not sure I’d spring for them again considering we only got 4 bites out of it.
  3. Go for it! — I mean really, just get whatever floats your boat. Steps 1 and 2 aside, bring some cash and an empty belly. You will be happy.

Check it out! The Smorgasburg gives you an excuse to venture out of your neighborhood, enjoy some fresh (all things considered) air, and grab a bite. Insider tip: Go early. The second weekend we went, vendors were running out of food and closing up shop before 2pm.

*courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau, 2012

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